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Welcome to Eats4Life Personal Nutrition Consulting!

Learn how to to achieve realistic eating habits that will help you to be healthier and feel great!

Are you READY?

Ask Yourself This

  • Do you dread getting on the scale?
  • Are you sick of being overweight and unhappy?
  • Do you wish you looked different in front of the mirror?
  • Do you wish your clothes fit looser?
  • Do you want to live a healthier, better, more energetic life?
  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Do you need help accomplishing these goals?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you are ready for a life altering, energy boosting, lean and mean eating plan from Eats4Life. These plans are designed to change your life in a way that no others can. The concept is simple, You Are What You Eat!

eggplant and chicken with salad

..Nothing tastes as good as being lean feels!!..

What Clients Say About Eats4Life…

If you still don’t believe that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, then read through a few of these testimonials. Customer satisfaction and well being are Eats4Life’s primary goals. These reviews tell the quality of service provided. I hope that by reading these, they entice you to check out what Eats4Life has to offer for you and your health.

I am actually enjoying the menu you have set up for me. I don’t feel hungry and it is easy for me to figure out each meal and snack and plan ahead. I am looking forward to our next appointment to see how I am progressing.

I appreciate your support and e-mails, as well as knowing you are available for questions. Your enthusiasm is infectious and it makes this lifestyle change that much easier for me to accomplish. Thank you for all your support.

Hi Joanne, what can I say about your program. I absolutely love it. Even though I am not in your program for weight loss but for healthy maintenance, I can notice a change in my body. I notice clothes fit better and my fat percentage has decreased. My sugar levels are consistent throughout the entire day. No more highs and lows and I have more energy.

This is certainly not a “diet” but a lifestyle change. A change for the better. I would definitely recommend your program to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life, whether it is for weight loss, medical issues, or just to feel better. Thank you for all you have done for me.

After years of working nights and running around with my children, I was definitely not the priority. At 46, I decided it was time to be!

Joanne helped me with, not only what to eat, but when to eat on my off-shift schedule.Within the first 2 weeks I was feeling more energetic. Her plan is so easy to follow because it was made for me. It fits easily into my life style.

Now four months later, I am still losing weight and feel great!


For a FREE consultation, contact Eats4Life to get started on living a leaner, healthier, more energetic life.